Courses and Workshops

Regular courses are designed as per age group/class of students. While designing the curriculum, NCERT, ICSE and CBSE syllabus has been referred to relate the techniques.

The course is full of games, numerous exercises, rhymes, aptitude puzzles and extensive practice for mental calculations.

The course can be successfully completed by students from Std IV to X.

It is proven that if by STD VIII, a student has learnt all techniques; his ability to master various subjects in upper standards is very high. The same techniques are also learnt by IITans and IIM students.


MathEdge (Reg1)

It is a Basic Course.

Duration- 6 months , two classes every week.

Next sessions starts from-1st June 2010

Locations-  Koramangala, VivekNagar, Basawanagar-Old Airport Road

Students- From class VI to X. Different batches classwise.


MathPro (Reg2)

 An intermediate level course, can be taken immediately after Mathedge, the basic course.

Duration-10 months , two classes every week.

Next session starts from-1st June 2010

Locations-Koramangala, Basawana(HAL Airport Road), Malleshpalya.

Students- Students who have completed Mathedge.

Math Mastermind(Reg 3)

An advanced course. Can be done by student who has completed both above courses. Class VII student can also enroll in the course. After completion, a student can expect to solve major mathematical riddles, CAT level aptitude puzzles and problems related to subject.

Duration- 10 months, two classes per week.

Next session starts from-1st June 2010.

Locations- HAL Airport Road, Malleshpalya, Viveknagar, Koramangala

Students- Students have completed MathEdge and Mathpro.



Workshops are conducted during school vacations. These are daily sessions for one hour per day. Advance enrolment is must.

Next workshops -
1st April. 15th April, 1st May, 15th May

Locations- BNGV Club, National Games Village Koramangala, Vivek Kindergarten, VivekNagar.