Vedic Mathematics in Tricks N tips


Vedic Mathematics is a rediscoved science for rapid arithmetic calculations based on sutras and sub sutras derived my Swami Shree Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji, an intellectual Indian Personality

The sutras are useful in calculating many intricate calculations, which calculator fails to do.


Few applications in regular curriculum  includes-Multiplication, division, squares, square roots, cube roots, derivative, integration, trigonometry, algebra. 

Weekly two sessions
Does not require any tool.
A mind is moulded to do calculations rapidly.

Its applications are useful for a lifetime, including all competitive exams like IAS, IIT , GMAT etc etc

Comparatively lower investment.



Abacus is a tool invented by german scientist used for calculations in Japan, Malaysia and other south east asian countries.

Only addition and subtraction can be done with the tools and multiplication and division by traditional methods using addition and subtraction by abacus.

Students learn only sums and basic calculations.


Weekly one session

Requires an Abacus tool, to perform any math operation

Without abacus tool, a student can not learn the basic functions

Only for primary school level(I-VII)

Comparatively Higher investment.