Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Tricks N Tips?

Tricks N Tips Learning institute is an academy aiming to upgrade the general aptitude in students through the techniques of our ancient education system based on Vedic mathematics. With the syllabus based on NCERT, ICSE and CBSE, the courses are designed to enhance logical thinking and rapid mental calculation in students. A value based institute sincerely putting  efforts to encourage young minds to prosper in the field of Education, and set a mark of intellect on the international levels. 

Tricks N Tips has designed the workshops on rapid calculation techniques, which simplifies and strengthen the conceptual understanding of subjects & helps students to master applications on a wider horizon. And so starts his journey towards becoming a genius.  

2. What is Vedic Mathematics?

Vedic Mathematics is the term coined by Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirtha ji. The basis of Vedic Mathematics is the formulae (sutras) discovered by swami ji for rapid mental calculations.

3. What is the difference between Abacus and vedic Mathemaics?


3. Does Trick N Tips teach only Vedic Mathematics?

Trick N Tips learning institute aims to enhance general mental calculations and logical aptitude in young minds with the various methods like Vedic mathematics, Russian peasant system & such other fast calculation techniques. Addition to this, the course also reveals other techniques used by worldwide intellectual professionals in solving logical aptitude problems.

4. Why is it important?

When young minds go through the courses provided by our institute they explore  a world of wonderful magical tricks to solve various mathematical and logical problems. It encourages them  in taking up higher challenges. Amazing photographic memory, high consistency, speed and accuracy and rapid logical thinking are the few benefits which course imparts in the student, thus enhancing overall academic excellence. 

5. Who can participate in workshop?

Any student of class IV and above.

Students who have completed first few level of Abacus

7. Is there any criterion for admission?

For workshop and Reg 1 course, student should attend an IQ test.

For Reg2 and Reg 3 course, completion of the prior course is compulsary.

8. What is the duration of workshop?

Duration of the Crash Course is 10 days- daily 1 hour

Duration of regular courses varies.

9. When are regular classes conducted?

Next New batch, Reg1 course starts on Jan 10, 2009.


10. When a student starts showing improvement?

A student/guardian will start realizing the improvement within a span of 3 sessions in general. 
11. Does it relate to NCERT, ICSE or CBSE syllabus?

 The course is designed with a consideration of all 3 streams. 
12. How can I avail scholarships through Tricks N Tips?

 A student can apply for scholarship after 3 sessions completion. An aptitude test is conducted based on syllabus taught in the sessions. A cash gift of Rs 10,000/- is given to the highest rank holder every year with a certificate.

13. Where are tricks N tips Knowledge centres?

We have presently 4 centers in Bangalore.

Knowledge centre at BNGV Club, National Games Village, Koramangala

Knowledge centre at Vivek Kindergarden, Vivek nagar

Knowledge centre at 6th A Main,Malleshpalya

Knowledge centre at Vibhutipura 3rd Cross, Basawanagar, HAL Airport Road


14. How much is registration fees?

One time registration fees is Rs. 450/-,to be paid before commencement of the session, which includes enrollment procedure for any workshops and future regular courses.

One Time registration fees Rs 450/-

Workshop Fees Rs 1400/-

Regular course fees starts from Rs 9900 /- ,payable in installments.

Should you have any more queries, feel free to contact any knowledge centre or call 9241752404/ 9241752416