About Vedic Mathematics

It is a great pleasure to have you on this page. Tricks and Tips  learning institute , is  serving its tributes to our ancient mathematicians and the people who kept the fire on by working hard to share this knowledge with the world.Our Special regards to Swami Bharathi Krishna Teertha Ji, who has made mathematics so simple ans so interesting.

The founder of this academy, Shree Anant F Bhalerao, is one of those intellectulas who throughtout there life, practised the vedic math techniques and worked hard to reach this knowledge to the next generaion.It is very sad that the knowledge of Vedic mathematics is not taught as a subject in Indian Scools. But the same is highly adapted methods by Western universities as a part of there curriculum.

We at tricks and Trips, do a sincere effort to ignite a child's mind and open the ways of innovative thinking in him/her. Mastering Mathematics is masterring all science subjects since Mathematics in involved in everything. We believe, the knowledge will help oneself throughtout the life, let it be learning the concepts fast, improving memory or improving logical thinking.

Wish you a happy learning process.

Have fun!!!

Yours sincerely,

B Vasanti .

Director-Tricks N Tips learning institute.