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Conceptual Physics for Class VIII-X, new batch starting on 1st June 2011

Math Mastermind Smmer  Workshop for Class IV-X
April-May 2011

An Introduction to Tricks N Tips Learning Institute

 Aptitude, IQ, Strong memory, ability to grasp faster,a sharp mind and a great attitude- these are the factors which today’s competitive world demands in a student  to succeed in  whatever course of study he or she choose. A major dominating subject behind all these is - Mathematics. 

Vedic Mathematics is an ancient Indian system used by scholars for rapid mental calculations. The system has no limitations in its applications unlike Abacus. It can be used to solve problems in basic calculations, squares, roots, cubes, cube roots, algebra, co-ordinate geometry, trigonometry, simultaneous & complex equations, derivatives, integrals and all sort of geometric calculations.  

Tricks N Tips- for an extraordinary mind, is an amalgamation of these ancient techniques in the modern syllabi of mathematics and general aptitude subject. The courses are designed with application oriented games to ensure development of logical thinking, visual & intellectual abilities of student.

It is must if you are-

·         Student of Std IV to X and want to master math and science, since you are equipped with an extraordinary set of knowledge which besides improving your memory, fastens your thought process amazingly.

·         Student of Std X to XII and wish to succeed in competitive exams and further courses since the knowledge of these  techniques transforms you into an extraordinary individual and helps you to solve  tricky problems in fraction of minutes.

·     Graduation Students who wish to appear and come up with flying colours in competitive exams like GMAT, CAT etc. gains valuable insight in the problem solving techniques by fastening their speed pf calculations 10-15 times more rapid.

·         Young professional just started your career and wants to prove your extraordinary abilities and broaden your aptitude to the new horizon, since the course helps you to scale your imaginations and see solutions to the practical life problems with an unexpored efficient ways.