What will you learn

During the sessions you will explore a magical world of Maths in an easiest, fastest & interesting way.
Let's us start peeping into unexplored fun, in Tricks N Tips way

9998 X 9999 in 20 seconds!!!

9998       (-0002)      
9999       (-0001)

Step 1-

Find the deficiency of 9998 & 9999 from nearest full number i.e 10000 It is 0002 and 0001 respectively and write as shown.

Step 2-Do Cross subtraction( 9998-0001 or 9999-0002, giving you first part of answer 9997                                       

Step 3- Multiply dificiencies (0002 and 0001) and write down as second part of answer.

Try 9997 X 9998....Yep It's 99950006.


Here is an easiest way to count time when hours and minutes are to count together.

 Add 1 hr 35 min to 3 hrs and 45 min.

In normal way, you will convert hrs to minutes for first part, then add minutes, then do the same for second part, add both converted minutes, again divide  the answer by 60  to get the answer into hours and remaining minutes.

 In Tricks N Tips way-

Step one- add straightway 135+ 345= 480

Step two- add a time difference of 40 to answer= 480+ 40= 520.

Answer is 5 hours and 20 minutes

. No matter what the hours and minutes are, just add the two subtotals. ________________________________________________________

Let's learn another tip

Can you tell square of 85 without using fingers/pen/calculator in 10 second?

In normal method, you will multiply 85 X 85 and use pen/fingers and tables

 In Tricks N Tips Way-.

Step one-Square of 5 is 25, i e second part of answer.

Step two- multiply 8 by the next digit (i e 9) to give first part of answer 72.

 Step 3- answer is 7225.

This technique is applicable for any two digit number ending with 5.

Try square of 55. Yes ...one, two, three...it is 3025.


Now an interesting maze-
This is a mental excercise. For starters, take a print out and try.

How to do in 4 minutes? Click to see 

You will learn many such tricks, in an innovative way. You shall strenghen your concepts in understanding all subjects through various games, excercises and intensive practise for rapid mental calculations.